Poem: Heart of Your Mother

Connect to the heart of your Mother,
Quit running from the trauma,
Of abandonment,
Feel the pulse of the heart,

If intimate relationships are connected with the heart of the Mother,
Then we must take a look at the patriarchy,
That when you feel the darkness in your Mother's heart,
You will feel her sadness,
Her inability to grieve,
But to serve,
Her sadness silenced,

We met at this shore,
To meet here once for healing,
To the shore we speak,
Aligned hearts in this moment,
Departing ways with a new feeling for our hearts and spirits,

Your Mother was able to give you the rose that she was never given.  

Poem: Two-Spirit Identity

Horrific experiences,
Shunned by the community,
Crying in the corner,

Why the community doesn’t understand you,
Gender deviation,
Reformation assimilation,
Hardship buried deep,
Internalized oppression by dominant culture forces,
To harm,
Hold back,

The pieces,

If generational trauma aligned,
In oppression,
To align and affirm,
To make us cry together,
To make us heal together,

If generational trauma,
Dug up,
Looked at,
Divvied up,
Dealt with,
Along the shoreline,
In the forest,
Composting like crumbled leaves into the soil,
Richness in the compost,
Richness in healing,


Generational trauma,
If you are here,
Identity aligned.

Poem: Justice for Our Bodies

Stop shaming my body,
Stop shaming my choices,
Stop hurting me,

This runaway Native girl who was never found,
Never found,
Never listened to,
Never honored,

Remember the screen door that slammed,
In poverty,
Political games played in women's lives,
Directing guilt,

Instead of,
"praying to end abortion,"
How about we pray to end,
Colonial hetero-patriarchal policies,
That tear at the wombs of our women,
How about we pray to end racism,
Pray to end sexism
Pray to end torture,
Pray to end rape,
Pray to end domestic violence,
Pray to end sex trafficking,
Pray to end sex slavery,
Pray to end hunger,
Hunger of the soul,
Hunger of the heart,
Pray to end gender deviation from being labeled as a "sin,"
Pray to end hate directed at same sex partnerships,
Love is real,
Pray to end the torment of a culture that hates different ideas,
Pray to end the hate directed at creative people,
Do this work,
Say these prayers,
Before you ever pray over a woman,
Who is making a choice for her life,
Her family,
Her relatives,
Her ancestors,
Her community,

Because that billboard on I-94 coming out of Wayne County said,
There are many unwanted children,
Or more,
Born into poverty,
The ghetto home,
Where the knife is gouged into the Mother,
The brother,
The sister,
The Auntie,
Because the system divides and cuts,
Based on race and class,
And you pray as another child goes unwanted,
In the ghetto,

Even in picture perfect suburbia,
Because money steals from the soul,
Births hate,
And a woman was thrown down the stairs on my street,

On the rez,
No one gives a fuck about the babies born,
Into homes where the wind blows cold,
Through the windows,
And in anger a beer can,
Is crushed,
Because of over 500 years of backwards,
Government policies,
Destroyed nations,
Hearts of nations,
Our women,
Have been wounded,
On the bottom of the mother fucking barrel,
Tell me,
This is "pro-life,"
Tell me these policies are about life,
Genocide is about death of a people,

Listen to her story,
Her life,
What about her right to life?
The culture directs shame,
At her,
At the woman,
What if a Black,
At-risk child is born,
Will you love this child in his addiction?
When he is near death?
Is this "God's will?"
That he is gender non-conforming,
Sensitive male,
In a culture that wants someone like him dead,
Will you love him?
Accept him?
Will you love her when she is selling her body for sex?
Because no one gave her a job?
Because she is a First Nations woman,
Adopted out of her family off the reservation,
Into a family that didn't know her culture,

So she ran,
Fell into the John's hands,
Who raped and abused her as she sold her body,
For fucking money,
Tell me you will love her then?
When she is crying because her soul has been broken,
She has been failed by the system in so many ways,

This is a choice,
Because the gun has been directed towards us,
This is a choice,
Because poverty is real for us,
This is a choice,
Because my spirit has been broken when no one listened to me,
This is a choice,
Because I believe this is the best choice for me,
This is a choice,
Because we don't need to explain any further.

Article: Women Take Over the Capitol to Rally and Lobby Legislators TOMORROW (7/18/2012)

"Who: Individual women from around Michigan gathering in Lansing to learn about current legislative proposals and engage with their legislators on a variety of policy issues that impact their own lives. 

Rally Speakers: Danielle Atkinson with Mothering Justice, Emily Dievendorf with Equality Now, Meghan Groen with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton, Millie Hall with Coalition of Labor Union Women, Andrea Hunter with United Steelworkers, Renee Chelian with Northland Family Planning, Vee Heymach with Moms Clean Air Force, Katie Oppenheim with Michigan Nurses Association, Afrykayn Moon with Breastfeeding Mothers Unite

When: Rally: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 11 a.m.- Noon
Lobbying: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 throughout day

Where: The Capitol Building Lawn, Downtown Lansing

What: Hundreds of women will meet at the Capitol to share their vision for a better Michigan for women and make their voices heard with Michigan legislators.
Why: Michigan women are growing increasingly concerned about policies impacting education, the economy, reproductive justice, the environment, violence against women and girls, and healthcare. There are currently only 4 women in the Michigan Senate, and 27 female representatives in the Michigan House – yet in this legislative session alone, over 140 bills have been introduced that directly affect women’s rights in Michigan. Thirty-six bills make it more difficult to access reproductive health care services and if signed into law, HB 5711 would virtually eliminate access to abortion services even in cases of rape, incest, or when the health of the woman is affected."

Read more here - Women Take Over the Capitol to Rally and Lobby Legislators TOMORROW (7/18/2012)