Video: Ojibwe Blood Quantum LLTC 2010

Today the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe's Citizenship (M.C.T.) policy requires an Ojibwe to have 1/4 degree Minnesota Chippewa Tribe (M.C.T.) blood to be enrolled as a member of this federally recognized tribe.

1/4 degree is the most commonly used degree requirement on Anishinaabe reservations in the United States.

However, many of our citizens share diverse ancestry, and many Ojibwe no longer meet the requirement of 1/4 degree M.C.T. blood. Still, all of the Ojibwe are citizens of an indigenous nation because of their common language, history, culture, land base, and ancestry... not their blood quantum.

Video: What Two-Spirit Means in Ojibwe Culture!

This short video talks about what Two-Spirit means in Ojibwe culture! I consider myself gender non-conforming and two-spirit. Many close friends and family members know this about me. The more I take ownership the more empowered I feel in my identity! I just love this video and can't say it enough!

Poem: Erased Through Industrial Burdens

Its hard to go back to the town,
To the place,
Industry on our backs,
Racism in our faces,
In our bodies,
Weighed down,
Down here,

My family and I,
The industry and my family,
Simultaneous synchronicity,
Down here,

And the industry is a machine,
That not only,
But obviously,
Breaks your dreams,
But takes your precious hands,
And ties them,
Quality of life,
But for who,
Down here,

I've seen my Mother cry,
And my Fathers eyes leak,
That's how he says it,
That his eyes leak,
The cement,
The steal,
The oppression.
Down here,

Standing strong,
Carrying industrial burdens,
Who has more pain,
The poor,
Down here,

Our identity,
Erased through industrial burdens,
Down here,

Its through our silent connection to the land,
That we can maintain our identity,
Down here.