Video: Prayers in a Song

Tall Paul, Leech Lake Ojibwe
Learning language through hip-hop

Major love of - The Ways website!  Check out the ongoing series of stories from Native communities around the Great Lakes.  This online education resource features: stories, maps and media.  I am in love with the map of the territories as I know it, not colonized borders/boundaries/lines. 

Article: UPDATE: Please Donate to Bad River Ojibwe (in their fight against) Bad Mining Laws!

UPDATE: The folks from Bad River incurred $7,000 expenses to get from Superior to Madison. Kossacks, I rarely ask for help. Please donate! All funds go directly  to support Bad River's trip to Madison and their activism to protect the water. (Write "For Bad River Ojibwe" on the check).

Donate Here! (note: as of now, the Paypal link at their campaign website isn't accepting donations. However, the regular mail address works for sending checks.)

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa live way up north in Wisconsin, in a pristine and preserved section of the state. This mining bill "fast tracks" permits for an out of state corporation, Gogebic Taconite, to develop a vast open pit iron mine on land that abuts Ojibwe land. The proposed site is on the upland side of a significant watershed. Mining operations will degrade downslope water quality. Wild rice, a staple of Chippewa food, culture and religion, is very sensitive to pollution and acid-balance. So far, our Republican Legislators in the House of Reprehensibles couldn't care less about Native American life, culture or federally granted treaty rights.

Read the rest of the article here.  


"We entered the 7th fire about 30 years ago. The first steps taken on earth were done with love, honor and respect... What is our meaning and purpose as humans? It's simple: we were put here to live in harmony with all of creation and to never take more than what we need. It's complex: We are caught in the web of life with ecosystems and interrelationships with other living things.  We are undergoing a paradigm shift from values based on money and political power to the new times where wealth is measured in clean water, fresh air and pristine wilderness. Anishinaabe have been given the responsibility to share the knowledge of how to live in harmony with creation." - Joe Rose - Bad River Elder

Poem: I Had to Pray to Stop What Was Coming

I had to pray to stop what was coming,
The knives,
The knives,
My heart is beating,
Not stopping,
My heart might stop,

So I took the chain off the tree,
Where the noose would be,
To radically undo the chain,
Around your neck,
And have it dissolve back into the soil,

I had to pray to stop what was coming,
I had to pray,
I had to pray,

The land will listen,
And I can feel my heart,
And I can feel the sorrow of generations,
I can feel,
I can feel,
I am grateful I can feel,
It was not too long ago when I was unable to feel,
My legs filled with hot energy,
I ran,
Run away,
Get away,

I can feel,
I can feel my heart,
My heart is heavy,
My heart is sad,
My heart is in pain,

I had to pray to stop what was coming,
I prayed,
I prayed,
I am praying,

No Posts for Awhile - In the UP!


I will in the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) until next Tuesday, August 3rd. I will have limited internet access while I am in the UP because I will be at the 3rd Annual Protect the Earth Great Lakes Community Gathering and spending time with my family on the reservation. Please also see this post for more information. If you are going to this event it will be great to meet you.

Have a great weekend and I will be back to blogging next week with a blog post or two on the 3rd Annual Protect the Earth Great Lakes Community Gathering.

Baa maa pii!