Poem - Rambunctious Blood

I am working on another short story that I want to publish today. But until that is finished please read this poem. Did I mention it is my moon time? A time I love! A time of the month that I fully embrace! A time of cleansing and a time of healing. The poem is all about this time.

Rambunctious Blood


Spit fire rage,
Confinement in a cage,
Shaking the bars,
Inside the sacred house,
Of the womb,
Sacred feminine power,
In the sacred blood of fertility,
To birth,
But to destroy,
The womb,
The heart,
The blood swerving around,
Energy swerving around,
Super conductivity of universal energies,
Through the divine feminine portals,
Energy centers,
Galactic waves downloading in your soul,
Easily able to work with all realities,
To see beyond all veils,
A reality,
Of illumination,
In allowing the divine feminine,
To be fully present,
In your body,
During the moon time,
In our body.