Video: Prayers in a Song

Tall Paul, Leech Lake Ojibwe
Learning language through hip-hop

Major love of - The Ways website!  Check out the ongoing series of stories from Native communities around the Great Lakes.  This online education resource features: stories, maps and media.  I am in love with the map of the territories as I know it, not colonized borders/boundaries/lines. 

Photos: 19th Annual Anishinaabe Family Language and Culture Camp

The 19th Annual Anishinaabe Family Language and Culture Camp was held in Naaminitigong, Anishinaabe Territory (Manistee, MI) on July 27-29.  The camp was amazing and I had a great time.  We presented and read Ajijaak (Crane) which is now available for purchase.  Please buy a copy because the story was written by yours truly.  Go to the Four Colours Productions website to purchase Ajijaak and other awesome books, colouring books and flash cards.

The language is the culture.  By learning and speaking the language we are reclaiming our identity, culture and traditions.  

Ogchida Kwe Singers.  We sang in the talent show.  It was fun!
My friend Elizabeth and me.
Brita holding "Mina-waasige miinwaa Goon" and me holding "Ajijaak!"
Monica and me.
My friend Julie and her family were able to come and visit.  Fun!

PHOTOS by the Native News Network  


A story by Julie - Four Sacred Plants - on her experience at the powwow held at language camp.  Here is a preview... "My family recieved many gifts too. They were quite bewildered and also very humbled by the generosity we were shown. My father was given Manoomin! It is my first time seeing Manoomin, the wild rice native to this land! Maybe it's the asian coming out in me but RICE! Native wild rice!!! Truly incredible. My mother recieved a gift of raw honey, a braid of the Mother's hair: Sweetgrass, and a woman gave her two beads taken directly from her regalia. I spent this morning explaining to her the significance of the Sweetgrass. As the person who taught me the sacredness of Vietnamese traditions, so she understands this."

We Did It! "Ajijaak" Ojibwe Storybook Funded!

We raised enough funds to cover the costs of printing and binding 100 full color paperback books for the first edition of "Ajijaak." Chi miigwech/thank you for supporting us in this fundraiser!  Here is the link to the Kickstarter page.