Poem: Moningwunakauning


There was a gorgeous sunset guiding you,
Through the halfway house,
Out the front door,
So you weren't trafficked,
A missing Two-Spirit sister,
A stolen Two-Spirit sister,


There was a crow who signaled a call to your soul,
Dangerous thoughts reverberating from your soul and the crow knew what to do,
The sound/movement/spirit curtailing dangerous thoughts to harm yourself,


There was a friend/angel,
Who asked you why you were going to smoke and run,
And not eat at the same time,
You didn't have an answer in your addiction,
And kept running,
But her words made an imprint that would last forever,
So you could heal,


There was a diva enlightened drag queen,
Who smiled at you and said,
"Hello beautiful,"
So you could re-route the horrific societal conditioning to see your beauty,


To the south shore,
Bead work and moccasins,
Ancestor/relation Madeline Cadotte was the daughter of Waub Ajijaak,
Leader at LaPointe,
Ajijaak doodem means "echo maker,"
Leader for the people in the very very old time traditional way,
Ancestors we are listening,


Ojibway women as matriarchs now and forever,
Managing/harvesting/processing manoomin,
Managing food supplies
Center of community,
Center of public life,
Dealing with Métis fur traders,
French fur traders,
Reclaiming this as decolonizing,


Descendants walking,
Descendants weaving,
Floral designs abound,
Dancing for you,
Dancing for the ancestors,

Time in a circle 

Making repairs to canoes,
Making repairs to moccasins,
Making repairs to communities,
Making repairs to hearts,

Time infinity

There are ancestral Chiefs who are guiding your life,
Ke-Che-Ne-Zuh-Yauh - Chief of the Crane Family,
A-Ke-Gui-Ow - Neck of the Earth,
Waub Ajijaak - White Crane,
Momongazida - a war Chief,
Waubojiig - White Fisher.