Poem: Honestly Land Loss

Ancestral tears,
Do not fear the pain you are about to feel,
When the land is not owned,
But eminent domain came in like a storm,
That knocked out our decolonial power,
We have been waiting for the power to come on for a long time,

The sounds of our relations,
Signal the connection to culture,
The trail leads near to your heart,
To find the story you need to share, 

The ancestors are still there,
The fires are lit,
They never went out,
As long as you allow the message to be delivered,

The heart is not disconnected,
And in order to heal,
We all need to feel,

Bless our resistance,
With our Anishinaabe teachings,
Anishinaabe governance,
To restore for balance,
Of the prophecies,
Decolonial power,
The precision of wisdom,

The land is ours,
It never left us,
There are fences,
No trespassing signs,
Stay out,
You are not allowed,
Land for sale,
Call this realtor,
White land possession,
Mansions on our shores,

It is exhausting to feel,
This pain,
It is why everyday Indigenous existence is resistance,
Our voice is our power,
Let the land give your voice strength,
Speak truth to power,
Never give up when you are not heard,
The fires are on the shores,
The ancestors are on the waters,
In the forest,
Near us,

There is no time to waste,
Feel the ancestral sorrow,
Feel the ancestral grief,
Let the tears flow,
Self-care is community work,
Self-care is resistance,

You are not powerless,
We feel your grief,

Remember the land is ours,
It never left us,
One day Anishinaabe Aki will be restored,
Do not falter on the vision.