Poem: Relationship Status – Perpetually Heart Broken

Two-Spirit Man/Woman – Patriarchal Problems

I have had back luck my whole life,
My love has been denied,
I don’t want to do the god damn dishes,
Or wipe off the counter,
But I will perpetually sweep sorrows up daily, 

People hide their pain in “romantic relationships,”
Hidden is real love,
Deep in your heart, 

Afraid to see your secrets,
Of the pain of sexual abuse,
That led you into dozens of beds,
This is not true love,

Manistee Woman

I am the epitome of the Manistee woman,
I’ve got the Manistee voice,
Manistee sounds,
Manistee realness,
Manistee disenchantment,
Manistee ah I am not a white liberal in TC,
Manistee flannel shirt,
Manistee humbleness,
Manistee rez/town/working class ignored,

Manistee Man

I am the epitome of the Manistee man,
I’m not interested in true love,
Or so it appears,
When it appeared,
I disappeared, 

Don’t Make Space

Never do that again,
Never make space for love,
Make space for yourself,
A plant,
True love, 

Buy yourself roses until the end of time,
You will be the only one that will,

Two-Spirit Marriage

I am officially divorcing myself from these concepts,
I am officially divorced,
I am married,
In union,
In spirit,
Gender balance in my soul, 

Official Business

The paperwork has been signed,
Who do you think you’re fooling Manistee Man?