Poem: Grandmother, Forest

Heart beat,
Working class,
Excavated painters,
Telephone workers,
Meet on the front steps,
Smoke Winston's,

Old glasses worn on her face,
Union blue collar uniform,
Worn down by the worker tread,
Old glasses brown tint,

Dark green paint on hands,
Sorrow streaked across the walls,
By a young adolescent girl blasting Alice in Chains,
In anger of what she could not describe of what she saw,

Sorrow painted on the walls,
Dark green forest coming through in a transmission,
The tears hit the floor boards,
Spiraling metamorphosis,
A prayer in a ceremony,
Reaches the shores of Michigami 21 years later,
In healing,
In reclaiming culture,
Gender rolled and silenced,
Catholic Church,
Praying in the closet,
We tried,

Sinking down in the soil,
Your Grandmother was crying,
Can you hear her in your heart?