Poem: Celebration Sound

3 year old girl,
Doing circles around me as I dance,
I can't go faster,
Instead I have to pause,
Slow my steps,
Watch her and laugh,
Watch her and smile,
What a celebration,
The sound of her jingles,
The sound of our jingles,

Pink jingle dress,
Delicate foot steps,
Watching carefully,
Observant of the drum,
Red and black,
Makwa dodem,
Ajijaak dodem,

We are all dancing together,
Small steps,
Slower steps,
Excited steps,
Proud steps,

There is too much to dance for,
When I was 3 years old there was shame,
Now this 3 year old has no shame,

You see this circle?
This circle of healing,

See the generations rise,
See the generations dance,
The celebration seen by the ancestors.