Poem: “All One” Is Colonization and Violence

The hippie movement is exclusive,
“Environmentalists” are discriminatory and racist,
Your culture is so vacuous,
That you fall in love with someone’s facebook profile,
You want to lure these men into your bed,
And pour alcohol down their throats,
This is not love,
This is enabling the addiction,
This is superficial,
And you have no idea about real Native love,
And you forget how many Native women are alone,
Cast out by their own tribe’s,
Cast out by the men in their communities,
Stop colonizing,
With your privileged Prius,
And your nasty hippie-dip garb,
You’ll never get it as much as you say you are “sensitive,”
To our community and culture,
That love for a Native woman to love a Native man is rare,
We are pounding on the lid,
Of the bottom of the barrel,
You’re stepping over us,
On us,
On our backs,
Your behavior is colonization,
Your behavior is violent.