Poem: 0.6% of the Population

Cultural appropriation,
Damaging solutions,
In the occupied "State of Michigan,"
0.6% of the population,
Heart sorrow,
If we fall over,
Fall out,
Topple onto curbs,
My Polish friend,
Supported my culture,
Supported me,
As much as he could,
Thank you for being strong,
For me,
When the dominant culture was beating me up,
Here I am in the midst of so much excess,
In my friends Ranger,
Passing over freeways,
Broken pavement,
Toss the sadness out the window,
It hits the pavement,
Bounces back,
He asks me if I am okay,
I don't remember,
0.6% of the population,
Invisible distress,
Invisible racism,
Cultural appropriation makes me vomit,
At 3:57 am,
When I thought I was being rebellious,
Trying to find safety in unsafe spaces,
At 3:57 am.

Author's note

The title of this poem was inspired by the fact that the Native American population in the "State of Michigan," is so low that it is depressing. Last I checked the Michigan Native American population is 0.6% but as of as of 2011 we are 0.7% of the population, according to the US Census.  0.1 is a big difference. No we are still an invisible minority, ignored and unseen in this state. I get tired of telling people that I am Ojibway/Anishinaabe and explaining to them where this tribe is from.  Northern Michigan is a lot better than Southern Michigan in terms of this.  This is because the tribes have a visible presence up here.