Anishinaabe Star Knowledge Map & Stories

Original Artwork & Design by Annette S. Lee, William Wilson, Ojibwe Language Consultant William Wilson.  Posters of this star map are available for purchase here.

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The Seven Daughters of the Moon and Sun - The Pleiades

 "According to the Anishinabe of Central North America, seven children loved to dance and play, rather than help their parents in camp. The children’s mother went to seek advice on this problem and was told to place stones on their food. It was hoped that the children would appreciate the value of hard work if they were forced to remove the stones from their food before they could eat it. Unfortunately, this plan did not work. One day, the children danced so hard, they danced up into the sky where they can be seen to this day. Although you can clearly see them in the winter, they cannot be seen in the summer. It is believed that during the summer months, when ceremonies and dances are being celebrated by humans, the children join them, returning to the heavens with the onset of winter. To the Anishinabe, the Pleiades is also known as the "Hole in the Sky" and is closely connected with religious beliefs."

The Story of the Fisher Constellation

Bear Story

Underwater Panthers, Thunderbirds and Anishinaabe Star Knowledge by Michael Wassegijig Price