Two-Spirit Resources


Briarpatch Magazine - Hearing Two-Spirits - "Indigenous peoples often experience marginalization and stigma within settler LGBTQ spaces and other urban communities where respect for Indigenous cultures, languages, and traditions is lacking. Even progressive social movements can be marked by patterns of domination, assimilation, paternalism, charity, or tokenism.

By placing resurgence at the core of our lives, rather than simply reacting to the colonial agenda, Two-Spirits disrupt the colonial landscape. The very existence of Two-Spirits is resistance, and it is further strengthened when we take care of ourselves as well as the spirits of others."

The Disappearance of the Two-Spirit Traditions in Canada

Documentary - Two Spirits

Indians 201: The Two Spirit 

Language, culture, and Two-Spirit identity

Native OUT

Native Youth Sexual Health Network - Two-Spirit Directory

Resources on Aboriginal Two Spirit People and Domestic Violence

Two-Spirit 101

Two spirits, one purpose

Two-Spirit People: Gender and Sexual Variability in Native North America

The 'two-spirit' people of indigenous North Americans 

Two spirits rising

Two Spirit/LGBT Rights Toolkit for Tribal Governments Introduced

Video: What Two-Spirit Means in Ojibwe Culture!

Who are "Two-Spirits"?

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