Blood Quantum, Identity and Politics

 Basically this quote below describes how I feel.

"Through Congressional Acts like the 1887 Allotment Act racial discrimination became institutionalized. Racism touched every aspect of social life, sanctioning containment. Just as the South Africans during Apartheid would be in 1948, all native American Indians were racially classified into categories: Full Bloods, Mixed Bloods and White for the purpose of valid rights or claims of any persons to reservation lands. The Act not only institutionalized racism through a Blood quantum classification that has served Euro Americans in their efforts to further cut our population levels." ~ Robert Robideau, Anishinaabe Activist (1946-2009)

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Blood Quantum: A Relic Of Racism And Termination  - "Thus the recording of blood quantum is both a product of white racism and of white social science theories of a racist nature, and also a product of a plan wherein Native nations are expected to vanish when the white blood quantum reaches a certain level (above three-fourths, for example). For this latter reason alone, the use of blood quantum is exceedingly dangerous for Native Nations today, although the Bureau and some eastern Oklahoma Indians don't seem to care about this danger."

Check out this film on identity and blood quantum - Club Native.  Directed by Tracey Deer