Poem: Church Bells

Smashing alarm clocks,
"Modern medicine,"
Social phobia,
Cultural ignorance,
Prescription drugs,
Slurring of words,
It all ends up,
Defeating us,
If we stand in a crowd,
Of the dumb culture,
That we "live" in,
If we run away,
Hide out,
Veg out,
We are running away,
Slamming our fists,
Against pavement,
Against pavement,
Against pavement,
No outlet in the culture,
For my anger,
The intensity of,
The monstrosity of,
Bruises on my hand,
I am cold,
I punch the wall,
I am lonely,
I bang my head against the wall,
I am hungry,
I scratch my neck,
I want love,
Be silent,
Sit still,
Young boy,
Young girl,
Simultaneous diagonals,
Horizontal heart values,
Repetitious insecurities,
Defined under the guise of "God,"
Quoting a text,
Written by a man,
I've smashed this bottle to the ground,
Glass chard's shine in the sunshine,
Children hurting,
Feeling sorry,
7 years later,
T-shirt ripped on ancestral lands,
By a tree,
Praying by the tree,
And we praise a White Jesus,
To forgive our sins,
It's a sin to be working class,
It's a sin to be Anishinaabe,
The book of defeat,
Infiltrates into our world,
Defeating us,
Roses bloom,
Hearts are tender,
The church bells,
Hurt us,
We shut the door to the darkest dungeon.