Poem: At Risk Children

In the midst of an economic depression,
Not recession,
Because this has gone on too long,
Depression weighs heavy,
On the burden of my shoulders,
I try to shine my light,
But one challenge after the other,
Oppression and the layers,
Are a thin glaze that is put over me,
By those who strive to maintain,
A sexist culture,
A racist culture,
A pain in my belly all day culture,
I've survived,
And the tribal rhythms from all my roots,
Indigenous European roots,
The Crusades,
And land being divided up and sold,
And controlled,
And womyn's bodies being raped,
Womyn's leadership wiped out,
For the sake of Christianity,
Manifest destiny,
An ultimate defeat for all of us,
Matriarchal societies dismantled,
And the Earth became distant,
And my spirit became disoriented,
My brother recently relapsed,
And after six years of sobriety,
It starts again,
All that has gone against,
Is against us,
Attempts from all angles to defeat us,
Who abandon us,
And label us "at-risk" children,
Elementary school counseling,
I've got cigarette butts in my pocket,
Excessive wealth is all around me,
But the lack of compassion and love from the community is excessive,
When it should be the opposite,
The Native community distant,
And the in-fighting,
And the white community ignoring us,
And other communities of color not giving a damn about Native people,
Telling us that their problems are worse,
I can't fight,
I can't fight,
The alcohol follows me,
Although I walked the Red Road to Wellbriety,
I've seen the look,
The disorientation of the ancestors in my face,
In my Mother's face,
In my Father's face,
In my face,
The ancestors souls disjointed,
So our souls are disjointed,
And I am ready to face my wounds,
But I ran away,
And I run away,
I am only human,
Down here on this Earthly plane,
Tears run down my face,
Thinking of oppression,
That attempts to destroy the survival of Native people,
Tears run down my face,
And my heart still aches,