Poem: Land and Fly Away

Below is a poem I wrote while I was on my way to spend a few hours on the beach near Sleeping Bear Dunes. I recorded this poem as a voice memo on my cell phone as I drove to the beach. I was feeling sad about moving away from Northern Michigan because I do have a strong relationship with the land. A relationship to the land has always been important to me. The land is healing in Northern Michigan and the land is sacred to me. I feel connected, rooted in and strong when I am on the land. I also appreciate the simplicity of Northern Michigan. I moved for a new job in the Native community that is located in Southwest Michigan and didn't have much time to blog in the past several days. Now I have a brief moment while I am unpacking and setting up my new place to post this poem. I hope you enjoy reading it and please let me know what your thoughts are about this poem.

You think you can just go into a town,
And walk away and leave,
Slam the door shut,
I am never coming back,
You think you can be the wayfaring stranger,
The ramblin' rose,
The one who has no attachments,
Recently I found out that I build attachments,
Despite my efforts to be the bird that lands and flies away,
The bird that lands and flies away,
Flies away,
I am no longer the bird that lands and flies away,
I do have a home,
And I think I have found it,
It is here with the land,
And the land is my friend,
A good companion,
A best friend,
Through the heart,
And the soul,
And the spirit,
I feel connected,
I am at home,
And I must leave this home again,
But I will return.