Poem: Night Bird

With the motor of the pool humming away,
I am afloat,
My colorful bathing suit,
From Kmart,
Its dusk,
My leg sticks to the inter-tube,
Splashing my feet in the water,
There is a sign on our fence,
That says,
"Welcome to our ool please notice there is no p in it,
please keep it that way,"
The patio is empty,
The crickets,
Night sky,
Night bird,
Signaled storms,
Or signaled calm,
Mostly signaled my connection,
To the winged ones,
Always flew by our house,
The old apartment buildings,
To downtown,
I listened,
I watched,
Until it was time to go in for the night,
Night bird,
Sometimes signaling calm inside the house,
Sometimes signaling a storm within the house,
I lay in my bed,
Gaze out my window,
The trees in the backyard,
City noise,
But I hear the night bird.