Poem: Forest Floor

Canadian geese talking,
In the small lake,
Tall pines surround,
Are you home?
I sit and connect,
As I breathe in,
I feel the Earth,
She tells me,
You are very loved,
I feel the water,
I listen to the geese,
As I breathe out,
Frog jumps into the water,
Tending to its territory,
The forest floor is rich,
Teaching me of my richness,
I send prayers,
To my community,
To stop the sulfide mine,
At Eagle Rock,
Migisi wa sin,
I send prayers to you,
Old energy cycles out of my being,
I take in new energy through my heart,
The land,
My heart,
Feels at home,
The forest floor is rich,
Are you as rich as the forest floor?