I Am Anishinaabe

The first picture is of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. The date of this picture is unknown. My Great Grandmother was Anishinaabe. My Great Grandfather was Anishinaabe and French. I just recently discovered this picture over three weeks ago. I have been wanting to see a picture of my Great Grandparents for a long time and finally it showed up. I am named after my Great Grandmother whose name is Cecelia. To see this picture was like a homecoming for me.

The second picture is of my Grandfather and me. This picture was taken in 1982. I love this picture very much. I have always felt like my Grandpa has been a guide for me throughout my life. He had a very hard life and denied being Native throughout much of his life to survive in the world. I feel like this picture is telling him that I can help to create a better way for the generations to come.

This video is called, "I Am Anishinaabe." It is a documentary about a young girls understanding of her Anishinaabe heritage and traditions. I recommend that you watch it!