Waub Ajijaak Press, LLC - is a small press that focuses on Great Lakes Anishinaabe stories, children's stories, and poetry.  We are committed to cultural revitalization, preservation, and giving voice to our people.  This press was founded in 2015 by Cecelia Rose LaPointe and the ancestors!


In honor of hereditary Ogema Waub Ajijaak (Chief White Crane) this press was started to honor ancestors, culture, decolonization, healing, heritage, matriarchy, recovery, sobriety/wellbriety, and traditions.  My family's ancestry comes from a line of hereditary Chiefs from Mooniingwanekaaning-minis (Madeline Island, Wisconsin).  The Anishinaabe culture believes that our ancestors are always with us.  In Fall 2014 I had a dream of a white crane.  Through research I discovered Ogema Waub Ajijaak is my ancestor.  In regards to traditional clan relations this press honors the past, present, and the future that we can create through sharing our gifts of storytelling. 


The traditional role within the community was a "leader" or "Chief," not even as defined as what we know in our Anishinaabe communities today.   Leadership was not hierarchical but it was leadership within the circle.  Crane in Ojibway translates to "echo maker" which is a reference to the strong and resonate voice of the crane.  Also crane clan members are speakers for their tribal community and worked to negotiate with other tribes and bands. 


As of biboon (winter) 2018 we have a few projects that are in gestation.  Please keep a lookout for the real live birth of some beautiful new books in 2017 and beyond.   You are welcome to email or send up smoke signals to Cecelia if you have any ideas for potential projects or collaboration. 

AJIJAAK (our first book) updates are coming very soon!  It is going to print in early January 2018.  Chi miigwech to the 2 tribal governments and the 44 individuals that donated.  Ajijaak will be available for purchase right here.  So stay tuned ya'll!