Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poem: Shame in Birth

Women of color,
Native women,
Bi-racial women,
Multi-racial women,
Invisibly mixed race women,
Unidentifiable minority women,
Passing as "white,"
But living the experiences of women of color,
Shame in birth,

The culture wants you to feel shame in birth,
Shame in conception,
Shame in making love,
Shame in love,
Shame in partnerships,

The culture wants you to feel shame in birth,
Not joy,

You are "poor,"
Not living up to,
Standards not meant for you,
As you strive,
The push you down,
Beat you down,

The chains around your uterus,
The chains around your reproductive rights.


see it with the eyes of your soul said...

"Shame in Birth" - see I knew it, YOU ARE A POET, GIFTED AND STRONG!! it is gonna take me a while to work my way through your page there is so much GOOD, GOOD stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Anishinaabekwe said...

I am glad you love my poetry! Miigwech!!