Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poem: My Little Girl

That little girl,
I look at her,
She has been crying in the corner,
Way too long,
No one was going to come and rescue her,
She kept crying,
And I listened,
Sometimes I wanted to silence her,
I wanted her to stop crying,
I ignored her,
She curled up in that corner,
Kept crying,
And where ever I went,
The cry came with me,
She would occasionally get bold,
Run out of the room,
Dance around,
I would not pay attention,
Her dresses,
But I did not care,
Someone has to come rescue her other than me,
Gosh it is such a big task,
This little girl was persistent,
She wasn't giving up,
She would draw pictures of her being held as a baby,
Or show me photographs of her being held,
I took a few looks at them and still didn't believe her pain,
I realized,
This little girl was me,
So I tell her to come out of the corner,
Love is all around,
To not be afraid of people,
To not be afraid of love,
The corner served its purpose,
Now that time is done,
Dust collected,
There was no sunshine,
Please accept love.