Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poem - Rambunctious Blood

I am working on another short story that I want to publish today. But until that is finished please read this poem. Did I mention it is my moon time? A time I love! A time of the month that I fully embrace! A time of cleansing and a time of healing. The poem is all about this time.

Rambunctious Blood


Spit fire rage,
Confinement in a cage,
Shaking the bars,
Inside the sacred house,
Of the womb,
Sacred feminine power,
In the sacred blood of fertility,
To birth,
But to destroy,
The womb,
The heart,
The blood swerving around,
Energy swerving around,
Super conductivity of universal energies,
Through the divine feminine portals,
Energy centers,
Galactic waves downloading in your soul,
Easily able to work with all realities,
To see beyond all veils,
A reality,
Of illumination,
In allowing the divine feminine,
To be fully present,
In your body,
During the moon time,
In our body.


scalesoflibra said...

This blog is the first place I've seen modern day women talking positively about the Moon Time. I hope lots of people see it and change the way they think about women. It's always bothered me that women are seen as hormonal as if men didn't have body chemistry!

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

scalesoflibra - Yes, I feel it is important to talk positively of the moon time. Its important to talk about the moon time in a positive manner in order to chance the perception of it.

caribou53 said...

I am glad to see this. I know a lot of people are turn off of our ceremonies because they feel women are demeaned when they are made to not be near the ceremonies when they are on the moon time. And viewed through our patriarchal prejudices it can be judged to be a humiliation.
But you seem to be reclaiming what are people used to regard in terms of power, and I believe spiritual energy, when women are on the time.
There used to be a lodge, according to my great Aunt, called the Wabanong Lodge. It was a women's lodge and equal to the Medewin Lodge. But because the Europeans would not talk business or maters of importance with their own women they woud not extend any recognition to the Women's lodge. As a result it lost its influence and maybe has ddisappeared.
Women are powerful when on their moon time. It is because of that they can throw off anything the men are trying to do. I now at one ceremony the lodge keepr, a young man, had a stroke working on a young girl who didn't mention she had start her period, matbe didn't realize.
Another time at ceremony attended by my brother something went wrong. The elder conducting the ceremony had to seek safety. At this time my brother was sleeping in his tent with his children. One of his daughters began shaking and her body physically began jumping off the ground. He told me he had to hold her down.
The next morning he told the lodge keeper about it and he said, "Oh, that's where I went."
My hope and prayer is that women will reclaim this spiritual power, rebuild that lodge. I believe it is going to save our people. They have more healing power than men do I believe. It is just that again because of patriarchal european influences women have not exercised that role in our societies and ceremonies.